Thanks to a box installed in the vehicle and a connected application, WeNow can help you to reduce your fuel budget, drive to lesser impact and even finance " green projects".


The French start-up, WeNow designs and develops connected objects that reduce the impact of vehicles on the climate when the automobile represents more than 80% of passenger transportations.


Thanks to the WeNowBox, connected to a mobile application, it is completely possible to win 5 at 15 % of fuel by adopting a more supple driving. The WeNowBox (€ 29.99 + shipping), a small box placed in your vehicle, measures the energy efficiency of your trip and analysis your driving under 3 criteria: acceleration, deceleration and steady speed. The app loaded on your smartphone gives you personalized advices to reduce your fuel bill and neutralize your CO2 emissions as you make them.


Contributions will help to support projects for the planet


Depending on the number of tons of carbon dioxide produced on the planet, user WeNow reverses amounts equivalent to the elimination of the same amount of gas in the atmosphere. Ultimately, each contribution will support projects such as reforestation of the mountains of Colombia or the installation of a wind farm in India. The subscription service is 4,99 € / month, while the achievable fuel economy is 7 € / month on average...



"Our concept is born from the desire to offer a solution both simple and inexpensive which becomes integrated into the daily lives of individuals. Our conviction is that the citizens are eager to protect the planet. The climate change is not a fate, each has the power to act ", explains enthusiastically Valérie Mas, co-founder and communication manager of WeNow.

Valérie MAS.jpg

                                             Valerie Mas and Fabien Carimalo, founders of WeNow


In February, the innovative start-up has received the Audace Award 2015 in creativity. A thirty companies would be interested in this system. Ultimately, the team hopes that the WeNow box will be integrated in all vehicles from their design.


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