The first hackathon dedicated to truck drivers and truck fleets, brought together over 60 participants for 8 projects presented, after 48 hours of research. Here is the testimony of the SmartNotify team that developed a new recognition technology which can be used to provide contextual and information content to drivers before the accidents happen. SmartNotify also uses connected devices, beacons, to keep people and freight secured.


     The Hackathon Michelin Truck Tribe was held in Lyon on April 6 and 7, during the SIDO 2016, major European exhibition of the Internet of Things (IoT).


“Michelin and Sigfox were the main sponsors for the event, reports Gregory Menvielle, from SmartNotify team. The contest focused on the trucking industry. This industry is changing and large manufacturers can no longer look at just selling equipment; they also have to sell “kilometer”:  services that complement their offers and brings out new income streams.


What struck us the most, from the start, was that we were the only startup partaking in the event; corporate teams made up most of the other teams and hailed from companies such as Thalès, ERDF and others. So needless to say the two of us felt a bit short-handed compared to teams of 5-8 people! But we also got some great support from Alexandre Perier-Muzet (youfactory) and Francois Buisine (A3D Project) who helped us create some 3d printed cases for our prototypes.

The main focus of the event was developing a practical and efficient prototype that will change truck drivers’ lives, by creating and developing solutions that will improve their daily lives in their trucks. We did not win the hackathon, though what we got in return was much more valuable: we got validation that SmartNotify can be used to solve a $12Billion problem!


It turns out that theft, violence, and accidents are sadly up in this industry for various reasons. Unfortunately the tools that are currently available solely focus on a reactive approach (i.e. an alarm rings up when someone falls asleep) as opposed to pro-actively addressing the problem (i.e. warn people as they are getting tired or that items are being stolen). And I was even more surprised to learn that over 30% of all accidents were due to somnolence or drivers’ distractions. If professionals fall prey of such pitfalls, can you imagine how bad the situation is when we are dealing with “regular” drivers on our roads? As a cyclist it sends shivers down to my spine!

SmartNotify can solve this problem as we showed in our prototype and are now looking at doing case trials; if you know of companies who would want to partake, do not hesitate to reach out… In a nutshell we are mixing SmartNotify, Beacons (we used Estimotes during the hackathon) and Intel’s Real-Sense technology to make drivers and their cargo safer.


If you want to know more about what we did, here is a blog entry:


If you are coming to the Esri International User Conference in San Diego, California, from June 27 - July 1, 2016, come say hello on our booth, we’ll bring the prototype with us so you can experience it on your own!”


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